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Planning Center

We are excited to begin our transition to a new Church Management Software. Please click the link below to add your information. See more details below. 

Please note: you may be contacted by email if we need additional information.

What is Planning Center?

Planning Center is an online tool that is used by 60,000+ churches around the world. West Portal Church has its own account within Planning Center and data is only used within that account and not shared to others. Individuals who sign up choose to share their data specifically with West Portal and West Portal alone. Planning Center simply runs the software that West Portal uses.

What data is being collected?

The only data being collected is the data you share and/or authorize West Portal to enter on your behalf. This includes basic items like contact information as well as signups for church events. In addition, with your permission, Planning Center will be used to track donations for the purposes of issuing annual tax receipts.

What is my data used for?

Church staff will only use data for the purposes it was collected for, which includes maintaining contact information, tracking registrations, generating charitable giving tax receipts, maintaining the church directory, communication, and organizing teams of volunteers.

Who has access to it?

When you register with Planning Center, your information is associated with West Portal Church’s account and is consequently available for staff to access for the purposes mentioned above.


[Should you choose to share your information for purposes of the church directory, then your information will be shared with others who have registered for the West Portal Church account].