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Starting October 16

What is the Alpha Course?

Alpha is an 8-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith to your life today. It's a respectful presentation on many facets of Christianity centered around a meal, a talk, and lots of time for discussion. People come for different reasons, from different backgrounds and with different opinions. But at Alpha, those differences only add to the conversation and often lead to great friendships. Alpha is designed for those who have never set foot in a church before, and for anyone seeking a fresh experience of Christian faith and community. Invite your unchurched neighbors and friends.

Got Questions?

Alpha is a place to ask questions, with the freedom to share or just sit back and listen. Is there a God? Why am I here? Who is Jesus? Alpha tackles these and other questions each week. Chances are somebody in your group is wondering the same things you are. 

You’re Invited to “A Taste of Alpha,” our introductory session on Saturday, October 16th, 5-7:30pm. It's not a commitment, just a chance to check it out to see if it's for you. A great meal and childcare are provided, all at no cost to our guests. It includes a meal, a short talk, and a small group discussion. 

Alpha Saturday (a full day of fun and experiential learning at an off-site location) is a great time to hang out, relax, and enjoy the stimulating talks and one another. It's amazing how much fun Alpha can be! There is no cost to Alpha and Childcare is provided. 

Oct 16           Is there more to Life

Oct 23           Who Is Jesus?

Oct 30           Why Did Jesus Die?

Nov 6            How Can I Have Faith?

Nov 13          Why and How Should I Pray?

Nov 20          How and Why Should I Read the Bible?

Nov 27          How Does God Guide Us?

Dec 4             Full Day Alpha Retreat (8:30am-5pm)

  • Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  • What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
  • How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?
  • How can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life? 

How can I support Alpha?

  1. Make a donation to help us provide a cost-free experience for our guests. Funds are needed to purchase booklets, some food expenses, and weekly childcare. (Guests are invited to make a donation at the end of the course)
  2. Serve on the Alpha team. We’re looking for small group hosts, helpers, greeters, food, set-up/clean-up, prayer team, and more.